Hansura OÜ is a family company set up in 1998 100% based on Estonian private capital. The company began operations by purchasing cutting areas and harvesting forest. The company developed rapidly, acquired various equipment, and the number of services offered by the company expanded – transport service, navvying, road construction and maintenance.

The best year in the history of the company was 2007, when the company’s turnover was approaching 2.5 million euros and the biggest investments were made. Thereafter, the company has achieved a stable turnover in the range of 1.8-2.3 million euros. Currently, the transport of goods by road accounts for more than half of the company’s turnover (34% transport of timber and 25% transport of other goods).

Currently, the fleet available to the company consists mainly of modern and dependable technology. Our staff are professionals with long-standing experience who do their work with passion.